Friday, 25 July 2014

Ceramic workshop at Marta Claret's studio.

I'm spending quite some days in Barcelona this summer, so I decided to make the most of it and visit my friend Marta Claret in Cambrils (Tarragona). Together we spent some very inspiring and productive days working on ceramics and giving each other tips. 

The days flew by and unfortunately there was not enough time to do the second round of baking, so I’ll have to finish the pieces off at the end of September in the ceramics course I attend in Rotterdam. Here’s a peek of some of them but I’ll show the final results when they’re ready. 

Check Marta’s blog to see her beautiful creations:
You can follow her work on Facebook:

My pleasure and interest in ceramics is growing more and more. I feel it goes hand in hand with illustration work.

Marta's studio is a 20 second walk away from the beach. 

Sculpting one of my Little People. 

Results of the first day. 

Little bowl.

All the pieces turned to biscuit, ready to be painted with pigments. 
A load of lips. 

The oven gets to over 1000ÂșC.

The oven space had to be optimised to the max. Here's Marta getting the baked pieces out. This was an exciting moment! The oven took over 8 hours to cool down. You risk the pieces cracking if the oven is opened before cooling down.
Little Bearded Person. 

Melancholic Little Person. 
Litte People to stick in your plant pot and help keep them moist.
Face parts to compose on your wall. 
One of my Potheads.

Baked pieces were super hot.

Street view from Marta's lovely studio in Cambrils.

More photos of the finished pieces will follow. Coming up in October. 
Here are some of Marta's gorgeous pieces. I love her style. 

Her hair turns into rivers through trees.

You can buy Marta's pieces here:

Selfie moment with Marta!
¡Gracias por todo Marta, lo he pasado pipa!

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