Monday, 17 September 2012

Art series - Wit Industries bike rims.

I was asked to make illustrations on the rims of these bikes for Wit Industries. They are in the process of making an art series with the work of 4 other illustrators.

My work was based on portraits of Rotterdammers, specifically the ones watching the carnival a couple of months ago, so that's why the expressions are varied.

The rims were white so I decided to make the most of the white "canvas" and keep colors to a minimum. So a black marker was my only tool (that and a rag and ammoniac, to make sure the surfaces were clean, dry and oil free).

The marker I used was uniPAINT oil-base. Super resilient!

Some of the sketches I did before the real deal on the rims. 

Finished rims!

Better photos are on their way.

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